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may 1977 St. Cecilia_s and Me001.jpg
In this column, Cormier writes about the closing of his alma mater, St. Cecilia's. He talks of his memories of the school including the house fire he witnessed from his classroom, his crush on Sister Emile who taught music, the poem on spring he…

Christmas in the Home002.jpg
In this short story, Cormier writes about a Christmas and New Year in French Canadian style and a blessing his father gave him at his request.

1177 Main St June 1972.001.jpg
In this column, Cormier writes of staying up late waiting for his college-aged daughter and high school-aged son to come home on a Friday night. He takes pleasure in their little evening rituals and small talk and thinks back to his father's own…

Robert Cormier's email to Paul Swaddle 12 February 1999.jpeg
Cormier responds to the "In Brief" team's follow-up questions, He sees the challenges of honest storytelling as timeless; he describes his adolescence as normal with "pits and peaks"; and he finds it difficult to put into words his affinity for…

%22St. Cecilia's Parish 1999-2000 Portrait of a Parich%22.jpeg
This article praises Cormier's work compiling a history of his home parish St. Cecilia's. Notably, this article presents a more circumspect account of Cormier's house burning when he was in the eighth grade, his use of St. Cecilia's for Monument's…

Dana 15 March 1989 E1.1 folder 17.jpg
In this letter to Dana, presumably a young reader, Cormier writes about finding inspiration for his novels in the lives of his children. He also speaks to the timeless nature of emotions, especially those of adolescence.

1_John Fitch IV Meet The Bully.jpg
In this bi-weekly column written under the name "John Fitch IV", Cormier recounts his childhood encounters with an unnamed bully after hearing Jonathan Winters share his experience with bullies on a talk show. Cormier wonders whether or not bullies…
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