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Tenderness Grade Level Defense.jpeg
This piece presents a detailed rationale for teaching Cormier's Tenderness at or above the sixth-grade level. The defense includes a summary of the novel, a biography of Cormier, teaching objectives, suggested teaching methods, potential essay…

Kellee Rich's letter to Robert Cormier 14 July 1994.jpeg
This three-page typed letter was sent to Cormier by Kellee Rich, a sixteen-year-old student in England. After recounting her horrible experience with Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native, she thanks Cormier for inspiring her to write and tells the…

J Lattre's letter to Connie and Robert Cormier 6 January 1998.jpeg
In this two-page typed letter, a friend of the Cormiers praises Robert's latest novel, Tenderness, and promises to float it as a possible topic at reading groups. Lattre praises Cormier's ability to write from the perspective of a teenage girl and…

Beverly Horowitz's letter to Robert Cormier 26 March 1998.jpeg
This one-page typed letter, with Tenderness handwritten and underlined near the top, is from the vice president of Bantam Doubleday Dell congratulating Cormier on his inclusion on the New York Public Library's "Books for the Teen Age" reading list.

Judyy's letter to Robert Cormier 13 May 1997.jpeg
This one-page typed letter is from a friend of "Bob and Connie". Judy confesses her fascination with serial killers, especially Ted Bundy, and praises the powerful characterization in Cormier's Tenderness. She speaks about her uncomfortable empathy…

Robby's letter to Robert Cormier 19 December 2000.jpeg
In this one-page typed letter to Cormier, Robby shares his positive experience with reading the novel Heroes. The novel helped Robby deal with some intense emotions, especially anger, and made him grateful to have a caring family and a home to come…

Dana 15 March 1989 E1.1 folder 17.jpg
In this letter to Dana, presumably a young reader, Cormier writes about finding inspiration for his novels in the lives of his children. He also speaks to the timeless nature of emotions, especially those of adolescence.
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