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%22Sex, Serial Killers, And Suicide%22 Brill's Content.jpeg
Kimberly Conniff's article situates Cormier's novel Tenderness in the changing landscape of teen fiction. She uses the adjectives "gritty, immediate, and brazenly hardcore" to describe Melvin Burgess's Smack, but they could just as easily pertain to…

Lara Langweiler's letter to Robert Cormier 13 December 1999.jpeg
In this 2-page letter to Cormier, middle-school student Lara praises Cormier's realistic and socially-relevant novels, and among other things thanks him for making her "less self-centered". She mentions the potential for all people to be bad people,…

Ashley Hardiman 14 April 1998.jpeg
In this brief letter, Cormier points to Tenderness as a reflection of rampant violence in the real world and expresses hope that even monsters like Eric Poole can be saved.

1_John Fitch IV Meet The Bully.jpg
In this bi-weekly column written under the name "John Fitch IV", Cormier recounts his childhood encounters with an unnamed bully after hearing Jonathan Winters share his experience with bullies on a talk show. Cormier wonders whether or not bullies…
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