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Christmas in the Home002.jpg
In this short story, Cormier writes about a Christmas and New Year in French Canadian style and a blessing his father gave him at his request.

%22The Tenderness%22 The Sign.jpeg
This story recounts the efforts of thirteen-year-old Phillip as he tries to impress his piano teacher Sister Angela and win a spot in the orchestra for the Christmas recital.

%22Advent and the Family%22 Visitor.jpeg
Though this story by "Bob" Cormier is written in the third person, about a girl and her father, it reads as autobiographical. He recounts the daughter's last Christmas party and her father coming to grips with her growing up.

%22The Last Party%22 John Fitch IV Column.jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column, Cormier explores the growth trajectory of his daughter from childhood to adolescence, this time through the lens of her last Christmas party and her evolving views about Santa Claus. Ironically, the writer seems to be…

%22The Santa Problem%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
As with many of his Christmas columns, Cormier addresses the idea of Santa, Christmas magic, and the innocence of childhood. He admits never telling a child that Santa is not real but cannot defend his existence, just as faith or a joke cannot be…
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