Shaping Tenderness

Karen Wojtyla's letter to Robert Cormier 12 March 1996

Tenderness draft with editor's comment

Craig letter to Robert Cormier 16 February 1996

Robert Cormier's letter to Craig 28 February 1996

Robert Cormier's letter to Karen 9 April 1996

Tenderness draft with Robert Cormier's markings


Moral Fiction. In The Atlantic article by Mary Gordon (n.d., Fiction 2005 Issue) the author creates a historic and well-contextualized discussion of the perils and impossibility of writing "moral fiction". Using many classic and modern examples of texts, Gordon troubles the idea of imposing morality on others. 

While Cormier's decision to remove the overt homosexuality in Tenderness seems in service of the story, the trend towards banning LGBTQ+ content from schools is well established. The Washington Post covered the arrest of a Kentucky principal for child pornography who famously banned many such books in his school.

Shaping Tenderness