Maturing Identities

Kellee Rich's letter to Robert Cormier 14 July 1994

"Crazy About Horses" John Fitch IV Column

"And Do On -- Letter To A Child" John Fitch IV Column

"Suddenly She's 10 Years Old" St. Anthony's Messenger column 1177 Main St. USA


Why Do Girls Love Horses, Unicorns, and Dolphins? In this article by Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva aka The Kitchen Sisters on NPR: Special Series-Hidden World of Girls (2011 Feb. 9), the authors theorize reasons why girls are sometimes attracted to horses and use interviews and material from other, published authors to support their position.

What Does Research Say Adolescent Readers Need? In this chapter by Luci Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth from their book, A Guide to the Reading Workshop: Middle Grades (2017, Heinemann Publishers), the authors offer a survey of recent research by notable scholars on the necessity for teachers to create curricular space for youth to have degrees of choice in what they read in order to foster a vigorous independent reading life.

Maturing Identities