Publishing Process

Beverly Horowitz's letter to Robert Cormier 26 March 1998

Karen Wojtyla's letter to Robert Cormier 9 April 1996

Robert Cormier's letter to Karen 20 May 1996

Tenderness Reader's Companion Packet

Delacorte Books for Young Readers Reading Group Guide

Robert Cormier's letter to Trenton Keim 5 May 2000


Rules of Maintainance: The Writer-Editor Relationship. In this article by Chels Knorr (2018 March 3) in Clear Voice, the author summarizes a handful of "rules" for both writers and editors with an eye toward helping both manage a positive and constructive relationship.

Teaching Controversial Young Adult Literature with the Common Core. In this scholarly article in Wisconsin English Journal (2013), by Katie Rybakova, Amy Piotrowski, and Ellie Harper the authors discuss three novels and point to literacy research  that argues for student choice in reading materials. 

Publishing Process