Grittiness in YA Literature

"Children's Writers Plumb the Depths of Fear" Publisher's Weekly

"Writer pens tough teen stories" Middlesex News

"Author transforms 'youth' genre" Telegram

"Robert Cormier meets Melvin Burgess" Achuka Special

"Sex, Serial Killers, And Suicide" Brill's Content

"That Tender Touch" book review of Tenderness


Dystopia is Done, Fantasy is Finished: Why Realism is on the Rise in YA Fiction. In this article (no author), in The Guardian (2015 July 13), the authors unpack what they see as a modern trend, away from fantasy and toward gritty realism.

How "Young Adult" Fiction Blossomed With Teenage Culture in America. In this Smithsonian article by Michael Cart (2018 May 7), the author traces the history of YA realistic fiction, including a discussion of Cormier's The Chocolate War among many other authors, and ties changing youth book tastes to shifting needs and culture.

Grittiness in YA Literature