Sexual Revolution and Awkward Sexual Attractions

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The Strange Science of Sexual Attraction. In this Huffington Post blog article, by Caroline Gregoire (2015 Feb. 14), the author surveys science on how and why people find each other attractive, or not.

Why the Sexual Revolution Needed a Sexual Revolutionary. In this article in The Atlantic by J. Albert Mohler, Jr. (2012 Aug. 23), the author takes a look at the idea of cultural change and specifically around significant shifts in acceptable sexual behavior -- and in particular, of the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Sex Education in Schools Needs an Upgrade. In this article by James Paterson in neaToday (2018 May 31), the author reviews the history of sex education in the U.S. and references research and various programs to make a case for an inclusive, age appropriate, and scientifically helpful program for youth.

Sexual Revolution and Awkward Sexual Attractions