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Delacorte Books for Young Readers Reading Group Guide.jpeg
This draft version of Delacorte Press's reading guide for Robert Cormier's novel Tenderness presents the final 16 discussion questions and five others that were not selected for the publisher's Reader's Companion. The questions range from fairly…

%22Children's Writers Plumb the Depths of Fear%22 Publisher's Weekly.jpeg
This 1995 Publisher's Weekly article examines the rise in popularity of suspense and horror books among middle-grade readers. "But it's all fear, isn't it?" Cormier says succinctly at a panel dedicated to the subject, referring to the everyday fears…

Stray scratch paper
A single page of typewritten notes is overwritten with pencil notes that show time duration and what appear to be flight numbers and times. Cormier bemoans the immorality of our times and specifically mentions abortion.

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Lara Langweiler's letter to Robert Cormier 13 December 1999.jpeg
In this 2-page letter to Cormier, middle-school student Lara praises Cormier's realistic and socially-relevant novels, and among other things thanks him for making her "less self-centered". She mentions the potential for all people to be bad people,…

5_Not Banned in Boston001.jpg
In this magazine feature for The Sign, a Catholic periodical, Cormier praises the efforts of priest Monsignor Russell Novello to bolster sex education in the Boston archdiocese. The sex education program he has developed with regional gynecologists…
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