"Not Banned in Boston"

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"Not Banned in Boston"


In this magazine feature for The Sign, a Catholic periodical, Cormier praises the efforts of priest Monsignor Russell Novello to bolster sex education in the Boston archdiocese. The sex education program he has developed with regional gynecologists focuses on educating parents and teens so that sex education can continue in the home and encompass more than anatomical and medical concerns. Dr. Lynch, one of the gynecologists, laments the ubiquity of sexual messaging in popular culture and mentions the rising attention to homosexuality in comics. Cormier reports on how teens of the 1960s are not shy about frank conversations about sex while their parents are less comfortable with the topic. The article closes with a discussion of the need for moral education as part of sex education and the controversy around public school sex education programs which might overlook moral concerns.



The Sign


Robert E. Cormier Collection at Fitchburg State University's Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library


April 1967


Annamary L. Consalvo
Katharine Covino
Elise Takehana


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