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%22English students go right to top with their questions%22 The Advertiser.jpeg
This article highlights Cormier's generosity with his readers, as he answers a Lafayette, Louisiana school's questions about his novel I Am the Cheese. Students remark on the impact of talking to a living author as a real person.

%22Try a Little Tenderness%22 Boston Magazine.jpeg
This profile of Cormier investigates his life and work, with a specific focus on his recent visit to Judge John J. Connelly Youth Service Center, a Roslindale youth lockdown for boys. Keeping his interactions with troubled youth to the fore, the…

Scholastic Scope012.jpg
This complete Scholastic Scope booklet includes two stories by Robert Cormier along with fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, a word search, a crossword puzzle, jokes, a comic strip, and queries and advice from readers. Furthermore, readers will find a…

Julie Hack's letter to Robert Cormier 16 December 1995.jpeg
This letter from a freshman in an English gifted and talented class asks Cormier a series of 11 rapid-fire questions. The questions range from personal ("what was your childhood like?") to professional ("how do you get your story ideas?").

Mark Nardini's letter to Robert Cormier 8 December 1998.jpeg
In this single-page typed letter, a teacher of Murdock Middle/High School introduces his school's short film adaptations of Tenderness and Heroes and extends an invitation for Cormier to visit since his books feature heavily in the senior curriculum.

Mike Gubbins's letter to Robert Cormier 18 February 1998.jpeg
In this 2-page letter to Cormier, Mike, a student in Knoxville Tennessee, asks about Cormier's writing process and education, along with specific questions about Heroes and I Am the Cheese. Mike is especially interested in Cormier's inspirations and…

Robert Cormier's letter to Fiona, Gudrun, Lucy, and Paul 3 February 1999.jpeg
Cormier writes to a group of students in Newcastle, U.K., promising to answer their questions in a forthcoming email. Cormier recounts his brief visit to Newcastle and praises Waterstones Books' "In Brief" program.


Julie 2 January 1996 E1.1 folder 17.jpg
Cormier writes to Julie in response to her four interview questions for a class project. It appears he enjoyed a friendship with her teacher, Ms. Hawks. Cormier discusses his childhood during the depression, his interests, and his motives for…
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