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Scholastic Scope001.jpg
This complete Scholastic Scope booklet includes two stories by Robert Cormier along with fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, a word search, a crossword puzzle, jokes, a comic strip, and queries and advice from readers. Furthermore, readers will find a…

%22A Certain Child Is Interviewed%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column, Cormier finds common humanity in comparing his own daughter with the daughter of newly-inaugurated president Jimmy Carter. He interviews his own daughter about the inauguration and recounts her forthright responses.

%22The Santa Problem%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
As with many of his Christmas columns, Cormier addresses the idea of Santa, Christmas magic, and the innocence of childhood. He admits never telling a child that Santa is not real but cannot defend his existence, just as faith or a joke cannot be…

%22Holding To What Is Magic%22 John Fitch IV Column.jpeg
This John Fitch IV article is one of a few in which Cormier talks about magic and dad jokes. Here, as in other pieces, he links magic and the belief in magic to the innocence of childhood. When he teaches his daughter a trick, he is sad for the lost…
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