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Scholastic Scope001.jpg
This complete Scholastic Scope booklet includes two stories by Robert Cormier along with fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, a word search, a crossword puzzle, jokes, a comic strip, and queries and advice from readers. Furthermore, readers will find a…

Julie Hack's letter to Robert Cormier 16 December 1995.jpeg
This letter from a freshman in an English gifted and talented class asks Cormier a series of 11 rapid-fire questions. The questions range from personal ("what was your childhood like?") to professional ("how do you get your story ideas?").

%22Try a Little Tenderness%22 Boston Magazine.jpeg
This profile of Cormier investigates his life and work, with a specific focus on his recent visit to Judge John J. Connelly Youth Service Center, a Roslindale youth lockdown for boys. Keeping his interactions with troubled youth to the fore, the…

%22English students go right to top with their questions%22 The Advertiser.jpeg
This article highlights Cormier's generosity with his readers, as he answers a Lafayette, Louisiana school's questions about his novel I Am the Cheese. Students remark on the impact of talking to a living author as a real person.

Robert Cormier's letter to Fiona, Gudrun, Lucy, and Paul 3 February 1999.jpeg
Cormier writes to a group of students in Newcastle, U.K., promising to answer their questions in a forthcoming email. Cormier recounts his brief visit to Newcastle and praises Waterstones Books' "In Brief" program.


Mike Gubbins's letter to Robert Cormier 18 February 1998.jpeg
In this 2-page letter to Cormier, Mike, a student in Knoxville Tennessee, asks about Cormier's writing process and education, along with specific questions about Heroes and I Am the Cheese. Mike is especially interested in Cormier's inspirations and…

Mark Nardini's letter to Robert Cormier 8 December 1998.jpeg
In this single-page typed letter, a teacher of Murdock Middle/High School introduces his school's short film adaptations of Tenderness and Heroes and extends an invitation for Cormier to visit since his books feature heavily in the senior curriculum.

Julie 2 January 1996 E1.1 folder 17.jpg
Cormier writes to Julie in response to her four interview questions for a class project. It appears he enjoyed a friendship with her teacher, Ms. Hawks. Cormier discusses his childhood during the depression, his interests, and his motives for…
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