Empathizing with Serial Killers

Judy's letter to Robert Cormier 13 May 1997

Robert Cormier's letter to Judy 28 May 1997

Robert Cormier's letter to Ashley Hardiman

"Meet The Bully" John Fitch IV Column

Robert Cormier's letter to Debra Bunn 6 March 1999


Dissecting Empathy In this short article in Psychology Today (2013 Sept. 19) by Jack Pemment, MA, MS, the author examines whether and to what degree serial killers experience other people. 

A Taste for Murder: The Curious Case of Crime Fiction In this scholarly article in the online Journal of Media and Culture (Vol. 17, No. 1, 2014), Rachel Franks takes a historical look at the writing and consumption of crime fiction of all kinds. 

Why Do We Humanize White Guys Who Kill People?  In this article in The Cut by Rebecca Traister (2015 Dec. 2), the author provides contextual history and a compelling argument for the blindness of society to the experiences of the victims of these "white guys".

Empathizing with Serial Killers