Empathizing with Characters

Worcester Phoenix Tenderness review

Robert Cormier's letter to Mike Gubbins 6 March 1999

"Tenderness and troubled lives" Sentinel & Enterprise

Michael Antoniak's letter to Robert Cormier April 1986


Is This the Upside Down? In this Atlantic article by Megan Garber (2017 Nov. 2) the author considers sexual predation and concludes that today's monsters "walk among us".

The Evolution of Movie Monsters In this four minute Atlantic Experiments mini film (2015 Oct. 30), the creator illustrates how popular culture's conception of monstrosity has both changed and stayed the same. This film is one of 18 on this same topic.

The Connection Between Character Emotion and Reader Empathy In this guest blog post by Becca Puglisi (2019 Feb. 4) on C. S. Lakin, the author counsels other writers on creating emotional connection with characters in the minds of readers.

The Grisly, All-American Appeal of Serial Killers In this Atlantic article by Julie Beck (2014 Oct. 21), the author tries "to make sense of the darkest extremes of human behavior, the public turns murderers into myths and monsters."

Empathizing with Characters