Realism and Ambiguity

"Try a Little Tenderness" Boston Magazine

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Clearing Up Ambiguity. In this article by Tim Parks in the NYR Daily of The New York Review of Books (2015 Sept. 1), the author considers the role of ambiguity in the fiction of recognized authors and its effect on readers.

Lorin Stein on the Power of Ambiguity in Fiction.  In this article by Joe Fassler in The Atlantic (2015 Nov. 17), the author engages in conversations with authors and editors to unpack the power and complications inherent in literary ambiguity.

Literary Realism. In this review by Alfred Kazin in The New York Review of Books (1963 June 1), the author discusses a then-new edited book by George J. Becker, Documents of Modern Literary Realism, and outlines Becker's history of and arguments used in supporting the use of realism.

Realism and Ambiguity