Portrait of Fatherhood

1177 Main St. USA, June 1972

1177 Main St. USA, August 1972

1177 Main St. USA, September 1971

"One Could Do Worse Than Be a Househusband" St. Anthony's Messenger column, 1177 Main St. USA

Robert Cormier's letter to Catherine July 1994

Christmas in the Home: A Father's Blessing


Fathers' Roles in the Care and Development of Their Children: The Role of Pediatricians. In this article by Michael Yogman and Craig F. Garfield, in Pediatrics (2016, Vol. 138 No. 1) the authors emphasize the importance of fatherly involvement and how pediatricians can be of support.

Why Losing a Parent Hurts So Much, No Matter Your Age. In this article by David Sack, M.D., in Psychology Today (2017 Sept. 27) the author speaks especially to adults who experience the loss of their parents focusing on the grieving process.

The Therapeutic Power of Writing. In this article by Leona Brits, in The Writing Cooperative (2018 Sept. 6), the author explains what therapeutic writing is, various approaches, and how to begin.

Portrait of Fatherhood