Writing Cormier's Children

Robert Cormier's letter to Dana 15 March 1989

177 Main St. USA, July 1972

"Trying To Convince My Heart" John Fitch IV Column

"When It's Time To Say Goodbye" John Fitch IV Column

"A Bad Time for Fathers" Woman's Day

"Dear Dad"


Are Women More Emotional Than Men?  In this article in Scientific American by Cindi May (2017 Aug. 30), the author surveys popular culture sensibilities and portrayals of men and women and juxtaposes those with several pieces of recent research. 

Why the Father-Daughter Relationship is So Important. In this article in Medical Daily/Healthy Living, by Susan Scutti (2013 June 12), the author traces ways in which these relationships leave their mark on daughters whether for good or ill, both physically and psychologically.

Life Span Development.  In this Annenberg Learner (2001) psychology program, the reader can view a presentation that is based on the idea of a life-long developmental arc.

Writing Cormier's Children