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Mine on Thursdays Womans Day001.jpg
This story recounts a father's visit with his daughter Holly, who is "his on Thursdays." The father realizes that he has been bribing his daughter for her love rather than having a meaningful role in her life.

1177 Main St July 1972.001.jpg
In this column, Cormier writes about the age transitions all four of his children are experiencing: 4 to 5, 12 to 13, 15 to 16, and 20 to 21. Each stage is a different moment in time. Near the end of the column, Cormier talks of how parents also pass…

One Could Do Worse001.jpg
In this column, Cormier describes his daily routine as a househusband. He writes at home, does the shopping, cooks dinner, get his daughter off of the bus, cleans house, and meets with friends and neighbors at lunch. He states that none of these…

That Summer_The Sign_Feb1958.001.jpg
In this short story, 15-year-old Jean-Paul visits his uncle in Canda to recover from an extended illness. During his stay, he develops a crush for an older woman from Montreal, as does his uncle. While Jean-Paul comes of age through this unrequited…
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