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The Trouble with Parents.jpg
This piece recounts a boy's discomfort with watching his parents argue, as told in his trademark detailed narrative style. By talking to his parents, he finds their similarities. His sister's observations also inform him of the role of nonverbal…

Mine on Thursdays Womans Day001.jpg
This story recounts a father's visit with his daughter Holly, who is "his on Thursdays." The father realizes that he has been bribing his daughter for her love rather than having a meaningful role in her life.

Bunny Berigan Wasnt He a Musician or Something Redbook Magazine001.jpg
In this story, two middle-aged men meet at a restaurant, where Walt tells Jerry he's leaving his wife for another woman. The situation becomes even more awkward when said other woman, Jennifer, arrives on the scene. Walt tries to normalize…

Tenderness draft strays C17 folder 1 page 1.jpeg
These six-page non-consecutive typed draft of Tenderness sections shows both handwritten and typed revisions with XXXX over previously typed words. One page includes notes to himself about reframing Lori's parent's situations. The other pages are of…
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