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Suddenly, Shes 10 Years Old St Anthonys Messenger002.jpg
This column recounts Cormier's daughter's transitional stage as a ten-year-old. Among the topics of discussion are her love of horses and her new-found preoccupation with getting the right haircut and crushing on television actors.

%22And So On -- Ten Years Old%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column Cormier shares stories of his daughter as she turns 10, "a magic moment in life, poised between childhood and adolescence." Still obsessed with horses, she is now also becoming aware of fashion and her own appearance.…

%22The Hair Cut%22 John Fitch IV Column Please Don't Go Away....jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column, Cormier tells the story of his daughter's haircut experience, with all the excitement and anxiety that entails for a young girl. He touches on his own barbershop anxieties and his opinions on women's hairstyles. He is…
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