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%22'Love, The Fantom'%22 John Fitch IV Column Please Don't Go Away....jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column, Cormier shares a time when he saw a large, strong man and his very young daughter. The man said that the girl was his 'guardian.' Cormier considers that idea here - unpacking what it means to view your children as your…

%22A Certain Child Is Interviewed%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
In this John Fitch IV column, Cormier finds common humanity in comparing his own daughter with the daughter of newly-inaugurated president Jimmy Carter. He interviews his own daughter about the inauguration and recounts her forthright responses.

%22That Quiet Agony%22 John Fitch IV Column .jpeg
In this piece, Cormier considers three states - loneliness, shyness, and boredom - and the role they play in our lives. While loneliness has gotten more popular attention, boredom and shyness rarely appear in popular music or receive recognition as…
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