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Robert Cormier's email to Paul Swaddle 12 February 1999.jpeg
Cormier responds to the "In Brief" team's follow-up questions, He sees the challenges of honest storytelling as timeless; he describes his adolescence as normal with "pits and peaks"; and he finds it difficult to put into words his affinity for…

Paul Swaddle's email to Robert Cormier 11 February 1999.jpeg
In this e-mail, the "In Brief" team asks Cormier some follow-up interview questions after making their initial inquiries eight days earlier. They ask about modern challenges, Cormier's own adolescent baggage, and request further elaboration on his…

Robert Cormier's email to Fiona, Gudrun, Lucy, and Paul 4 February 1999.jpeg
In this response to the interview questions from the "In Brief" team, Cormier discusses his love of words, the politically conservative climate, the horror of the commonplace, and his admiration of other writers, especially Graham Greene. The topics…

Paul Swaddle's email to Robert Cormier 3 February 1999.jpeg
This e-mail presents a series of interview questions to Cormier from the Waterstones "In Brief" team out of Newcastle. Questions cover several topics including Cormier's journalism experience, Frenchtown, adolescence, large institutions, controversy,…

Robert Cormier's letter to Fiona, Gudrun, Lucy, and Paul 3 February 1999.jpeg
Cormier writes to a group of students in Newcastle, U.K., promising to answer their questions in a forthcoming email. Cormier recounts his brief visit to Newcastle and praises Waterstones Books' "In Brief" program.


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