The Twisted Intimacy exhibit is the third in a series of three themed digital exhibits showcasing artifacts from the Robert E. Cormier Collection at Fitchburg State University's Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library. The 2015 exhibit, Censorship and Intolerance, addressed the topic of censorship, and the third and the 2016 exhibit, Evil, Empathy, and Finding Humanity, focused on terrorism and bullying.

The aim of each exhibit is to highlight portions of the collection related to a core set of Cormier’s work with three novels for each digital exhibit. Twisted Intimacy includes artifacts related to Tenderness, Heroes, and The Toybreakers, an unpublished manuscript.

Robert Cormier’s work and influence in young adult literature are without question. To house his collection at Fitchburg State University is a privilege, and by digitizing portions of the collection, we encourage further scholarly work.

As you move through the exhibit, note that we have arranged materials into five collections visible from the "Browse Exhibits" on our top menu.

As you open individual documents, keep in mind that clicking on a hyperlinked "tag" will bring you to a list of related documents from the archive.

Recently Added Items

"When It's Time To Say Goodbye" John Fitch IV Column

153_When It's Time To Say001.jpg

In this column Cormier writes about saying goodbye to his son after settling him in at the college dormitory. He ponders the differences between…

"The Impossible Thank-You Note"

The Impossible Thank You001.jpg

In this column Cormier writes on the impossibility of writing a simple thank you note to a mother. He writes of the great encouragement and warmth his…

"That Summer"

That Summer_The Sign_Feb1958.001.jpg

In this short story, 15-year-old Jean-Paul visits his uncle in Canda to recover from an extended illness. During his stay, he develops a crush for an…

"In the Heat" in Sixteen Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults

Sixteen Stories001.jpg

In this story, the narrator and his 15-year-old son Richy go to his wife's funeral. The narrator struggles to cope with his wife's death, especially…

Scholastic Scope Stories by Robert Cormier including "President Cleveland, Where Are You?" and "Protestants Cry, Too"

Scholastic Scope001.jpg

This complete Scholastic Scope booklet includes two stories by Robert Cormier along with fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, a word search, a crossword…

"Pretend, A Verb: To Make Believe"

Pretend A Verb_St. Anthony Messenger_April 1967_001.jpg

In this short story, Jerry's father receives a questionnaire attached to a letter from New York about an inheritance. The family spends the summer…